About Us

Who we are?

We are a state-of-the-art pharmaceutical industrial Research and Development Centre that specialises and focuses on developing the manufacturing technology of all types of anti-cancer drugs
Our name reflects who we are and what we aspire to contribute to eliminating cancer.
Every day, our staff comes to work with a youthful exuberance for new innovations.

Our Mission

With our extraordinary talent, cutting-edge skills, and technology excellence, we create advanced anticancer manufacturing technology that outsmarts cancer diseases to improve treatment outcomes for patients.

Quintessence Values

Our quintessence values are the values that we feel are so substantial that we would hold them, regardless of whether or not they are rewarded or whether they become a competitive disadvantage. These values impact the quality of our work and our team-working spirit in the most positive way.

What we are doing:

PTC concerns with advanced pre-formulation and formulation studies, sophisticated scale-up and Process design, development of manufacturing technology, and advanced analytical method development for new and generic small as well as macro-molecules anti-cancer drugs in solid and parenteral dosage forms.
PTC designs and prepares all pharmaceutical industrial studies required for pharmaceutical companies that are interested in manufacturing and developing anti-cancer medicines for commercial use.
PTC can help cancer research centres and pharmacy academic colleges in the universities for covering all their needs of formulated samples of new anti-cancer drugs for pre-clinical, clinical, and toxicity studies